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Rebecca Wong, certified trichologist, explains that one should not jump to conclusion that their hair loss is hereditary. Hair loss can be the cause of many other reasons, such as lifestyle, stress, diet, physical problems or acquired by other means of outside factors. She says that each case must be carefully considered on an individual basis. Everyone is different.

Radio 938 Live

On live studio chat, discussing issues pertaining to hair and scalp problems, the trigger factors and good personal care for hair and scalp.

Adeline Chen, I.A.T.(Aust) WTS(U.S.A.) Certified Trichologist, Hair and Scalp Specialist, Director of Trichology Centre Of Link, with Stanley Leong and Esther Ng, host of "The Living Room" Radio 938LIVE.

The Straits Times

"Care to have an interesting time chatting with an otorhinolaryngologist? or perhaps you prefer the company of a trichologist? Then there are prestidigitator, pisciculturist orpomologist.

They are all job titles that sounds terribly initimidating. But they are nice and useful people, really.

Before you tie yourself in knots over the names, take the otorhinolaryngologist for instance. He is simply an ear, nose and throat, or ENT, specialist. But in medical circles he is called that 21-letter word.

There are specialists for virtually any health problem these days - so why not a specialist for hair and scalp problems? explained trichologist, Mrs Rebecca Tan of Link Hair Care Pte Ltd:"I provide a non-medical hair-care service in which I diagnose and treat people who suffer from hair loss by giving advice." With a qualified trichologist's certificate under her belt, she said: "I feel that I'm in a better position to help clients. I've found more ways of treating, instead of going for simple hair care therapy."

Men's Magazine Re: Hair Care

"A receding hairline is distinguised, adding a high forehead and an aspect of wisdom to the stylish man. But when nature's tide of hair recedes further, turning the corner of the forehead and threatening to rendezvous with the growing bald spot, the stylish man may find himself heading for the dreaded state of fear and insecurity: Botakness."

The Business Times

Rebecca Wong, a trichologist who offers hair care and hair replacement services at Link Hair Care, says that many executives in their 20s and 30s are seeking treatment for hair loss, a result of today's stressful lifestyle and poor eating habits.